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No matter how intelligent and self-sufficient technology becomes, there will always be a need for people to make it work. We are those people and that is the essence of our success.


That is the beginning and the core of our story. We are professionals, engineers, managers, developers, creators… but first of all – people. This enables us to constantly grow, learn and push forward.


We are engineers, managers, developers and creators. We create teams of forward-thinking & solutions-driven professionals, specialized in custom software development.

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Hrvoje Kapetanović
Chief Executive Officer

"We are passionate about our clients and we get energized when we contribute to their success. It is magical when we combine client’s desire to reach the business goals with our technical expertise and commitment to deliver top quality digital projects."

Marko Miloš
Chief Technology Officer

"Design and engineering are the foundations of our company. Hard work, commitment and continuous learning strengthen the foundation each day and allows us to deliver high-quality products and services."

Saša Ignjatović
Board member

"The best measure of success is satisfaction. We are putting our best efforts to meet and exceed expectations and create satisfaction for all parties included - from employees to clients, partners and the end users."

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The company which builds its strength on, understands and invests in people, is the company that will thrive. People are our most valuable asset, everything else can be reprogrammed.

People first

Putting people first enables us to grow advanced and successful teams, to create an open and trustful relationships with our clients, and most important – to learn about human nature on a daily basis so we can keep creating better digital solutions using those insights.

Stay curious

We challenge ourselves and our employees to constantly learn and grow, stay curious, embrace responsibilities, share their knowledge and their opinions, and believe in themselves and their own potential.

We believe that every person that joins our team will bring a value that no software, code or device could. People are our inspiration, our passion and our strength.

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