Protein Optimization Tool for Farmers

Helping farmers optimize food production on their farm.


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About the Client

ZLTO is an organisation that represents the interests of farmers and growers in the southern part of the Netherlands, helping them grow their business in a more sustainable way.

Our task

Develop the protein tool that helps farmers in calculating the possibilities for increasing protein production on their own land.

Business Impact

Food production optimisation on the farms gives farmers an incentive to become members of ZLTO and use tools like this. It has also increased brand awareness.


Precision Calculator

A calculator that helps the farmers to optimize food production on their farm by entering key information and creating different scenarios for optimization in order to improve milk quality.


“Undabot really breaks down the project by asking the right questions at the right time. They really want to understand the end user, your customer, to deliver the best solution possible. The transparency they give in the process helps you as a Product Owner to keep the overview of the project.”

Pieter van Hout

Project Manager Innovation at ZLTO